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Afinia Color Label Printers

Afinia Color Label Printers





Why Choose Afinia Label Printers?

High Speed - High Quality - Low Cost - Durability

Any business large or small needs to spend time researching the best color label printers that will fit well with their products and services. Afinia Color Label Printers make it easy for business owners anywhere to choose based on what matters the most. From print quality to durability, Afinia color label printers deliver excellence. Below you will find some compelling reasons to choose Afinia Color Label Printers.

Afinia Label Printers Afinia Color Label Printers

Fast Printing

Quick printing enables faster time to market for your products which ultimately leads to being able to fulfill orders and demands faster.

Afinia Label Printers Afinia Color printers quality

Top Quality

By using Afinia Color Label Printers, you enhance the look of your products with a quality that reflects the high value and image of your company.

Afinia Label Printers Afinia Color Label Printer saves money

Low Cost

Cut costs by using Afinia Color Label Printers. They are known to have one of the lowest ink costs in the industry without compromising on quality.

Afinia Label Printers durable afinia color label printers


When it comes to Color Label Printing, Afina is a leader in durability. Label your products with confidence knowing your brand label is durable.

Available Afinia Label Printers

Afinia Label’s full line of solutions allows businesses total control over their label production. From entry-level desktop digital color label printers to production-grade presses and finishers, Afinia has a printing solution for almost any label printing application. Make TCS Digital your trusted partner when selecting Afinia.

Bring your Products to Life with Afinia Label Printers

Create Eye-catching high resolution labels to enhance the look of your products and services. Afinia Color Label Printers are a preferred printing solution for Business owners everywhere. TCS Digital is committed to working closely with every prospect to ensure full satisfaction. Together, we can configure the perfect print solution for your immediate needs and for years to come. 

Afinia Label Printers

Print More in Less Time

Increase Productivity with High Volume & Fast Printing. Outperform your competition with consistent stock readily available for delivery.  Printing your own label gives you, the business owner, better control over product inventory and overall stock management. 

Afinia Label Printers


Grow your Business

Meet Business demand for your local, national &international clients with the competitive advantage every business needs- Speed. Your label printer will enhance your production speed and transform overall business operational efficiency. 

Afinia Color Label Printers

Quality that attracts 

With the best quality and highest resolution labels, you can easily showcase various aspects of your product. Afinia printers are known worldwide for their high quality print result. This is the brand you want if you value color saturation and “pop”. Stand out and attract more clientele with Afinia. 

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Transition to in-house label printing 

With Afinia label printers, you can begin your transition to printing your labels in-house. By enabling highly-efficient printing that keeps pace with the speed of production, businesses are now able to eliminate costly inventory, long waits, and minimize shipping and handling costs. The technology for in-house printing and the setup process is now straightforward and simple. Remove third-party label and packaging converters and print shops to start saving today. Last but not least, the freedom to print full-color custom labels and packaging in-house and on-demand usually increases your overall Business Profit and ROI. 

Which Afinia Label Printer is the Best Choice for your Business?

The comparison chart below provides an overview of our Afinia Color Label Printers to help Businesses make a selection according to their specific needs. Businesses that choose to print their own color labels generally see long term savings between 20 to 50 percent on average.

NameVolumeInk CostSpeedMax Print WidthInk Type
Afinia LT5C CMYK2,500–25,000+ labels/monthMediumFast4.95 inchesToner
L901 / L901 Plus10,000–100K+ labels/monthExtremely LowFast8.5 inchesDye
Afinia L8015,000–70,000+ labels/monthExtremely LowFast8.5 inchesDye
Afinia L7012,500–20,000 labels/monthLowFast8.5 inchesDye
Afinia L5022,500–20,000+ labels/monthMediumMedium8.5 inchesDye/Pigment
Afinia L3011,000–2,500 labels/monthHigherLow6.0 inchesDye
Afinia F502500–20,000+ labels/monthMediumMedium8.5 inchesDye/Pigment

In-House Printing with Afinia Label Printers

What are the Benefits?

Take control of your labeling process and manage the entire production cycle without tapping into 3rd party printing houses that may delay or poorly design your labels. For most companies, cost-per-label savings alone justifies the purchase of a printer for in-house label production. TCS Digital Solutions’ Afinia Label Printers will satisfy every printing job for your Business.

What are the benefits of printing your own labels?


  • Eliminate unnecessary spending and Control your Cost.
  • Avoid delays that may impact your reputation
  • Higher ROI yield without high Capex and Opex
  • Focus on product development instead of wasting time dealing with outsourced printing delays.


We are dedicated to helping Business owners understand these benefits as it pertains to their specific industry and use case. Read our Blog on 7 Considerations when selecting a in-house color label printer for your Business

All of your compliance needs are Covered

GHS : Globally Harmonized System

OSHA: Safety and Health

FDA: Food and Drug

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We are an authorized Color Label Printer

As an Authorized Reseller of the Top Label Printer Brands we procure for our clients only the latest and greatest color label printers that are a perfect fit for the workload at hand. We make ourselves available to provide guidance and help with your selection while remaining within your budget.

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Top Brands Partnerships

Afinia Label Authorized Dealer| Tcs Digital Solutions

Afinia Authorized Dealer


Epson ColorWorks Gold Partner

Afinia Label Printers primera tech

Primera Authorized Reseller


QuickLabel Authorized Reseller


TrojanLabel Authorized Reseller

Questions and Answers about Afinia Color Label Printers 



– What makes Afinia label printers one of the best label printers? 

Afinia is a leader in printing solutions that includes industrial high-speed label printing and label finishing, with products available in over 55 countries. Afinia offers a complete line of digital label printers for small to medium sized businesses. Afinia color label printers use HP®, Memjet® inkjet technology, or OKI® toner-based high-definition LED technology — all of which are unique and work with a wide range of applications and verticals. By teaming up with TCS Digital Solutions, you position your Business to print efficiently with maximum agility.

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