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As an authorized Color Label Printers dealer, TCS Digital Solutions provides a large selection of top quality label printers that offer optimal performance for any organization. We provide guidance, education and customization to small, medium and large businesses.

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Why Choose TCS Digital Solutions

Authorized dealer of Premium Color Label Printers

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At TCS Digital Solutions, we strive to provide you with the right solutions for your specific business needs. We dive deep into your application to understand everything from what you’re going to put your label on to how long it needs to last. Because every customer and their application is different, we carry a wide variety of On-Demand Color Label Printers from all of the top brands – Afinia, Epson, Primera, QuickLabel, TrojanLabel, and more.

The Right Color Label Printer for the Right Job

Color label printers are printers that are specifically manufactured to print high quality labels. Selecting the right hardware for your Business is a crucial step in adding efficiency, productivity and cutting costs. By working with TCS Digital Solutions, we ensure the correct color label printer is selected for the right job.

Color Label Printer By Industry

Not all color label printers are created equally. As a result, each printer comes with specific features built to fulfill the requirements and guidelines within specific industry verticals. Our industry leading brands have shown themselves worthy across thousands of products, with proven results in multiple industries. Small, medium and large enterprises can now source cost-effective printers without compromising on aesthetics, quality or productivity.

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What's your Industry?

TCS DIgital Solutions provides top quality color label printers that will make a difference in your industry. Here are just some of the industries we serve:

  • Chemical Label printers: Create beautiful, custom labels within minutes for your chemical industry.
  • Bakery Label Printer : Label your cupcakes, cookies and pies with the highest quality color label printer.
  • Coffee Label Printer : Stand out among your competitors by showcasing your coffee brand with this label printer.
  • Beer Label Printer :  Get creative with labeling your beer with our easy to use color label printer
  • Food Label Printer :  Label your food without wasting time and go to market while it’s still fresh.
  • Health & Beauty Label Printer : Whether it’s facial creams, healthy vitamins, edibles, or herbs – we’ve got you covered.


It’s essential that your Business have the correct color label printer in order to efficiently get your labels done and onto your products. Position your Business for success. Whether you are currently outsourcing your labels, or are an experienced color label printer, TCS Digital Solutions provides a wide variety of in-house professional and industrial label printing solutions to suit your needs. Find out how we can assist with your Business today! We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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Chemical Label Printers

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Bakery Label Printers

Color Label Printers

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Food Label Printers

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Color Label Printers manufactured by Leading Providers

We carry Trusted Brands with consistent reliability. We want our customers to have all the best features with the latest technology so they can remain relevant and productive in their field. Bring your project to us, and see what we can bring to you.

Our Brands

TCS Digital Solutions did not cut corners when it comes to providing high quality and cost effective color label printer brands for Businesses. We believe the strength of a company can be seen in the products and services offered. Explore our top of the line brands and order yours today.


Afinia Color Label Printers

Since 2009, Afinia has built a reputation for providing quality products that make color label printing and finishing easier and more dependable than ever, while never losing focus on your number one overall concern: solid return on investment.

  • Virtually eliminate outdated or obsolete labels
  • Label cost savings vs. outsourced, sheet-fed, or inkjet printers
  • Reduce time-to-market by avoiding long lead-times and costly delays

Many customers purchase Afinia Label solutions to replace a “cheaper” label printer. They find they often reduce overall ink costs by up to 80%. Ink savings alone has many Afinia Label customers paying for their new printer in less than a year.

EPSON Color Label Printers

Epson’s long tradition of introducing efficient, precise printing products continues strongly into their current line of professional ColorWorks label printers. Their PrecisionCore print heads are the envy of the industry and are made to last the life of the printer.

  • Best in breed technology combined with reliable design
  • The best print quality in their class
  • Quick application from their “P” series label printers

Increase productivity and reduce the cost of using on-demand labels with ColorWorks solutions. Epson delivers dependable, commercial inkjet printing with fast-drying, durable color inks.

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We are an Authorized Color Label Printer Reseller for the Following Brands

As an Authorized Reseller of the Top Label Printer Brands we procure for our clients only the latest and greatest color label printers that are a perfect fit for the workload at hand. We make ourselves available to provide guidance and help with your selection while remaining within your budget.

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Top Brands Partnerships

Afinia Label Authorized Dealer| Tcs Digital Solutions

Afinia Authorized Dealer


Epson ColorWorks Gold Partner

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Primera Authorized Reseller


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